R1P2VLCD1 ~ My HCG Journey begins...

So... I'm trying the HCG diet...

Basically, the essentials of this diet are: You use HCG, the hormone women produce while they are pregnant, coupled with a very low calorie diet - for a minimum of 23 days to 45 days. During which time the hypothalamus is reset & your body is told by the hcg to utilize fat storages that were otherwise inaccessible by regular diet or exercise... Your body burns off this bad fat - not lean muscle like other very low calorie diets do. This is why the book - written by a doctor - is called "Pounds and INCHES" because your body will begin to re-shape itself!

It's important to know that there are 3 ways people take hcg: IM (intramuscular) via injection, SC (subcutaneous - meaning just into the fat layer not muscle) injection, or SL (sublingual - under the tongue). People will tell you many things but I've done ALOT of research. Injecting IM will give you 100% absorption of the hcg. SC will give you about 70-80% and SL - no absorption. The hcg protein strand is TOO BIG to be absorbed by the mucus membranes of your mouth. The protein is also very fragile & will break apart & be destroyed if taken SL...

So, I chose to do it IM - I want to be sure this is 100% effective. I've done 3 IM injections now - and let me tell you I still get queasy at the thought of it - but it honestly does not hurt. The aspect of injecting yourself turns many people away - but if I can do it anyone can. There are tips I learned about which make it easier & literally no pain... You don't have to stab yourself - you just go slow!

Anyways, the results if the protocol is followed precisely are amazing!!! Yeah, I know what you're thinking! Shots!? No way!!! But it does not HURT... you use thin needles & it really is ok! Does it work? It seems to for other people & hoping it does for me too!!!

So the great thing about this diet is that you load fat for 2 days... And man did I!!! I ate everything in site - to the point where I was SICK! At the end of the day though, I only manage to put on .8 pounds... some people gain 3-4! Today is my birthday as well as the start of my VLCD (very low calorie diet)... and I'm stuffed! This is more than I usually ate for lunch... hoping the rest of the day goes as well as the start of this!!! Will continue to document my journey as needed! Hoping in 45 days there'll be a new skinnier me!!!
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~ Thyroid Cancer Awareness ~

I made this short lil clip.
I've worked in healthcare for 10 years
and had never heard of Thyroid Cancer...
...until they found it in me.

Tell your family and friends to have their docs check their neck for any mysterious lumps or bumps!

Throat tight alot of the time?
Mine was.
Did I think anything of it?
- but my doctor did.
Early detection = Good Prognosis



After what was said last week, now she's here? Living with you? Really? Hope that works out for ya. Whatever.
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